Home Crystal Kit

Do you believe in the energy that each crystal carries within? There are so many crystals and minerals that nature has created, with all having different properties and meanings. One way to use the energy of the stones is for the protection of your home, of your positive energy and to ward off any negativity that may come in. 

Stones and crystals can be used as a great home decor, which can also provide protection. They contain the energy from the Earth and can raise the positive vibrations of your living space.

For each room in your home space, you can place different crystals, according to your needs.

In our store, you can purchase each stone separately, as well as ready-made sets for your home and comfort. 

Each crystal is hand picked and cleansed with incense.

This Home Kit is put together for positive energy, peace, harmony and abundance for the home.

It can help to clean out the aura and balance the energy in our physical spaces.

Do you want to create a safe and clean ambiance in your home? Selenite Tower is a great way to do so by placing it in a corner of the house! Selenite is a highly protective crystal. It also brings calming, soothing energy into your home.

Amethyst clears out negativity energy and promotes a positive flow of energy in a home. 

Pyrite Obelisk is the perfect gemstone to help bring wealth and abundance into your life or space. Your prosperity space on the Feng Shui map is the left most corner of your home - that is where you should place the Pyrite Tower.

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