Abundance and Prosperity Crystals

As we wake up each morning, we have our mindset on the things ahead of us. The energy we create with out thoughts, words and actions helps us manifest the future we dream of.

Crystals and other spiritual tools have been helping humans from ancient times, making anything possible. Our desires and dreams are very powerful, especially when we start believing in our success.

It’s very important to make yourself more energetically attuned to all kinds of wealth. Finding a crystal that vibrates with the energy of prosperity, can be the best investment you make in your financial future! You always have to remember that by accepting opportunities and opening your arms to new possibilities with positive outlook can bring abundance to any sphere of your life!

Energetic support from crystals can benefit in many positive ways, and the first crystal which we included in our set is Emerald. Emerald is the symbol of prosperity. If we even go back again to ancient times, Aztecs believed that Emerald is a promise of good luck. For them it was a holy stone. Emerald doesn’t only bring growth to your life, it brings growth to your wealth.

The second stone is Green Aventurine, which is also known as the “Stone of Opportunity”. It helps us release old habits, patterns, and disappointments. With letting go, space for new growth opens up. Overall it helps us see the abundance of opportunities all around.

Tigers Eye is the next stone in our bundle. Tigers Eye is not only a stone of protection, but it is also a stone of luck and courage. Ot will help you find courage in a difficult situation. Tiger Eye also strengthens the clarity and will of intention, to help manifest at the highest level.

The abundance set wouldn’t be complete without Green Jade. Green Jade has been used from ancient times in Chinese culture to attract both wealth and harmony. Green Jade helps with consistency and to keep working towards prosperity goals.

The final crystal is Pyrite, also known as “Fools Gold”. The stone encourages prosperity, wealth, and success. Pyrite also helps to release negative energy and fears, especially including the fears that may be blocking success.

By combining all of these crystals together, the prosperity energy increases and you can find the aid needed in this energy on your way to abundance and prosperity.

To complete the set, we have the option to add a selenite bowl for cleansing the crystals and/or an abundance candle which we hand pour with natural soy wax and decorate with Green Aventurine Chips.

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